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I think I need my vents cleaned. Ive been in my house for 5 years and have never had it done. Also there is a smell coming from a vent in my hallway. 8 vents, 1,100sqft ranch.

Rafael M

House is 1,158 sg.ft. and has 8 vents.

Luke F

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Air Duct Cleaning - Air Duct Cleaning Questions
1.20 Who should I have clean my furnace coils?

Q. My coils are soooo dirty from an improperly placed filter, and ignorance of not knowing to change it frequently enough. My furnace guy left me in the dark. I had a HVAC company do a check up and my coils are dirty. They charge $195. My ducts are also very dirty, and may have not been cleaned since the house was built, 30+ years, so I would like to get those cleaned also. I called an air duct cleaning company, and they offered to also clean the coils in my furnace for only $75. They offered a cheaper quote because of the convenience of already being in my home for the duct cleaning. Are they qualified to do such a job? Should I worry about them doing it correctly? I would love to go with them and save over a hundred dollars. Anyone who is HVAC certified that can give me a good reason not to use the duct-cleaning company, please let me know. Has anyone had their furnace coils cleaned by a duct-cleaning company?

A. While most duct cleaning company's do not have heating and air conditioning techs on staff, the job of cleaning the coils on the secondary heat exchanger is not a very technical job. The reason the HVAC company gave you such a high quote is that it IS a very long process and can take several hours. I have been a residential heating and air tech for about 14 years and have cleaned hundreds of them. It is far from rocket science. On the other hand I have seen some duct cleaning services that really are rip off artists and just hire anyone off of the street to do the duct cleaning jobs. I would say your best bet would be to contact the duct cleaning service again and ask them if the man that is scheduled to come to your home has experience with cleaning furnace coils. Another thing that you could try if you are not comfortable with they're answer is to check the phone book for HVAC company's that also do duct cleaning. A company that I worked for previously was a full service company and they offered duct cleaning.

1.20 Is home air duct cleaning really worth doing, are there proven facts?

Q. Some reports say duct cleaning doesn't provide cleaner air. Is it a waste of money?

A. I worked for a company in wisconsin for 4 years, cleaning ducts was our sideline.You would be amazed at the dust and dirt that we would get out of some ducts.Besides the health benefits (in my opinion) it decreases fire risks,increases efficiency output.We rean a large vacuum truck hose to the plenum of furnace, and used high pressure to blow down each duct.Then we ran a skipper, a high pressure hose up each duct that blew back pressure.We would check the ducts to make sure they were clean.We could suck up bricks with that thing.

1.20 Do I need a Contractors License for Air Duct Cleaning in Southern California?

Q. I have a small air duct cleaning business, actually it's just me am the president & the technician. I want to know if I need a license to do air duct cleaning in homes ONLY no commercials. I do have have a DBA as required by California. I have called the state but even they weren't sure. if I do need a license what name is it under?? thanks

A. Actually, I would form a limited liability company to limit your personal liability in case something goes wrong. Legally, there is no difference between you and your DBA. This site might help clarify licensing requirements http://www.cslb.ca.gov/

1.20 How do I know it is time for my air duct cleaning?

Q. Is there any way I could use and test the quality of the air by myself? is there any test kit available in home improvement store? Thanks!

A. Top 10 ways you know its time to clean your air ducts: 10. Black soot shoots in your face when the blower starts. 9. Mom comes to dinner and dies breathing the air in your house. 8. The canary no longer tweets, it says "u-k-k-k-k" "u-k-k-k-k" 7. The formerly white shower curtain is charcoal grey. 6. Teenagers can masturbate without lotion, using soot instead. 5. Your furnace overheats and a sign lights up saying "I'm dying for lack of air." 4. All the food you cook is blackened. 3. White people become soul brothers in your home. 2. The only color you can paint walls with is black. and the number one way you know its time to clean air ducts is... 1. There's no need for grecian formula in your hair grandpa!

1.20 Air duct cleaning,anybody out there tried Sears services for air duct cleaning?

Q. I have been searching for air duct cleaning providers and have come across sears carpet & air duct cleaning company,does anyone have tried out there services if so please comment and if not any suggestions for other air duct cleaning companies that are offering reasonable prices and quality work?thanks a lot!

A. Just used them yesterday. I live in Staten Island and the total cost was 441.00. Two guys came and took off all the vents covers and returns, wiped them clean with a cleaner and clean the air ducts using the agitator and vacuum. I have a small townhouse and it took them less than 2 hrs. They also did my dryer vent. A lot of stuff came out, seems like the previous owners never did anything.

1.20 Should I need the air duct cleaning license or some license like that to stard the air duct cleaning business?

Q. I am living in the California, I will start the new small business, It is airt duct cleaning for houses, commercial and industrial. Should I need the license for air duct cleaning or only business license is OK?

A. Oh man - in California they probably require a license and insurance for everything. One good area to get into is "asbestos abatement" - you'll run into asbestos a lot while cleaning ducts - and if you could THEN be the guy who cleaned this stuff out, you'd be in the chips. You'd probably need a separate license for everything. Asbestos is not really a big deal except that town governments are terrified of it now - so it means a LOT of money for you to make it go away.

1.20 Has anyone had the professional air duct cleaning system done in their home and...?

Q. ....do you feel it was worth it doing and made a big difference? How often have you had it done, and what is the recommended time the company tells you it should be done again. Excellent answer. Thank you. We do change our furnace/air filters regularly. Even if they do not look that dirty.

A. If you have regularly changed your air filters, you probably don't need to have the ducts cleaned. You might want to take off a few supply air registers around your house and see just how dirty they are. If you have an air filter where you can remove it and check the ducting, you should do this as well. If you have flex ducting, and it is old, the act of cleaning the ducts could damage them resulting in the need to replace the ducting. So check 1st and then base you decision of what you see in the ducts. Once cleaned, if you change your air filters once a month during the heavy usage times of winter and summer, you can go years before needing to clean your ducts (if at all). My ducts are 20 years old, and as I have changed the filter regularly, I have yet to have the need to have them cleaned. If you do have them done, get several quotes from licensed contractors and them check them out with the BBB and the State Contractors Licensing Board to make sure they have not been reported for poor performance.

1.20 How much should air duct cleaning cost for a 775 sq. foot condo?

Q. It's 775 sq. ft. with 5 vents total. On the 4th floor in the Denver metro area. I was just quoted $500. That seems extremely high. Anybody know how much is standard?

A. I agree that is very high. I have 12 vents in my 2,000 sq. ft. house and it cost me $675, which included carpet and basement cleaning. The initial quote the same company gave me was $2,100; I had them bring it down partly by getting rid of superfluous services and partly just hard negotiating. Good luck!

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