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1.00 Should I get the Air Duct Cleaned?

Q. Show we get air ducts clean. It seems that the last 2-3 winter times my sinus tend to act up as soon as fall starts to arrive. I have noticed in the mornings that i wake up with some congestion and a dry sometimes blood crusted snot. What is that from? Anyone thinks it's maybe our house ducts need cleaning..

A. Could be that, or the humidity.

1.00 One duct system that doesn't work at all and one that blows cold air first then warm air.?

Q. I just bought a two story, 1700 sq ft home approx 22 y/o house. I have total of 19 vents/ducts in the house. But I have a problem with the two of them. One vent/duct on the second floor is not blowing any air al all. And the other vent/duct same on the second floor, blows cold air first in about couple minutes then it'll start blowing hot air. For me, it is not normal even though it is still blowing air. What could be the problem? How much will it cost for these 2 ducts to be fix? And I also would like to mention that all the vents/ducts on the first floor are not blowing enough air. Will it help to have a professional to clean the air ducts? Will it improve the air flow?Thanks experts. Most of them are located on the ceiling except for one that is located in one of the closet. I am pretty sure that it is not for the aire return.

A. Well - there is more dormant air in vents going to the second floor. The air in them, when the furnace starts blowing, is cold. That has to be blown through before you feel the warm air. Cleaning the ducts will help with particulates in the air - but probably not affect the force of the flow. You might have the furnace serviced - could be the blower isn't up to snuff.. Also - as for the duct that does not blow at all - all the ducts coming from the furnace have shut-off levers on them. Go down to where the furnace is to see them. It will be a little lever. If the lever is pointing in the same direction as the duct - it's "open". If the lever is turned so it's across the duct, it's closed. Turn it to open the baffle inside the duct, and you should have air flow again.

1.00 How often should you clean you A/C drain line?

Q. I just had full Central A/C (compressor, air handler and duct work) replaced last year. My unit stopped working and the service man said it was not under warranty since it was the drain line was plugged. Shouldn't that have been cleaned when the unit was installed? Or does debris clog up that soon? How much would cleaning a drain line normally cost?

A. If my drain line gets plugged i have a pan under the unit to catch the water either change the filter more often or buy a better quality filter the charge to clean the drain line is a service call

1.00 I have old fiberglass air ducts with mold inside, a company came and charged $450 dollars to clean it out?

Q. Did I get jerked? they were here for 10 mintues sprayed some chemicals and left. After research I read fiberglass duct systems can not be cleaned out with chemicals. what should I do?

A. Http:// this link has a lot of info regarding cleaning ducts and getting rid of the mold. it doesnt sound like a 10 minute job would do anything.

1.00 Anyone ever lost an item down the dryer vent?

Q. Please help..I know this is random and I feel very "I love lucy" but long story short my flash drive went down my dryer vent. I was cleaning it out and had too many things in my hand. On top of that...I am in Austin (where it is flooding). I don't think it made its way outside b/c I wadded through some water looking (and I think it is too heavy). I took the back of the dryer off and the "tubing" but don't see it. I think it was too heavy to make its way all the way out. WHAT CAN I DO? I AM SERIOUSLY PANICKED. Am I just screwed? Thank you in advance.

A. Depending on the model you'll just have to unscrew the vent with the little blower that blows the air out of the dryer into the vent duct and out. Be sure that you retrieve anything you drop in the vent before operating the dryer again because the fan has plastic vanes and you'll either break the vanes or the obstruction will keep the fan from turning and you'll eventually burn up the motor. Don't worry, you won't break anything. Sorry about the weather your having! good luck!

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1.00 Hope you can help me w/ my goldfish question? for experts only :)?

Q. Okay i dont have problem in my ryukin goldfish. i just need more informations so i wont have any future problems and so i can have my fish live a longer healthy life.. i have 2 ryukin goldfishes. i just got them last october 16.. they are not that big yet.. i have them in a 20 gallon fish tank.. thinking of upgrading to a 30 gallon fish tank soon coz i heard they grow really really big! i have 2 live plants also inside the tank.. i have a top filter also.. i change 25% of the water weekly using siphon gravel.. and use water conditioner.. i feed them tetra fin gold maintenance pellets.. i give them like 2-3x a week food treats like oranges, broccoli and peas.. i have them inside my room which is an air conditioned room.. they look healthy now.. never encountered any problems yet.. just wanna know if what im doing is already enough?? or im still missing on something else?? coz i really love my goldfishes sooo much really want them to live longer.. got no plans on buying any other fishes to have them join in their tank.. im so contented with them.. so i hope you can give me more tips on caring for my goldfishes.. thank you xoxo for :-) :-P :-D :-O ~~~>> yes they do have lights in their tank and its a shade of blue so its looks more relaxing to look at :) yeah tomorrow im plannin to buY more live plants for them :) mega thanks to all and to BRENT too for the comment :)

A. No there is not anything else you can do! You really do love them and they will live a happy long life! I would not suggest getting any other fishes and a 30 gallon tank for the pair is just big enough! 40 would be better see if you can get a 40 gallon! 50 is even better :O. I would suggest you clean them out every 2 weeks, 1 week is to short for them to get used to the water really but you are cleaning them out fine! All the food you feed them is great! Maybe if you could get some more plants and rocks to make it look nice! If you don't have a light maybe get one but i'm sure you do! Hope I helped! Good luck with your fish! oxox

1.00 Why did the coils on my Kenmore wall unit air conditioner frost over or freeze up?

Q. My Kenmore air conditioner's coils are frosting up. Why would that happen and is it fixable and can we do that ourselves or do we need to call a technician?

A. Try a good cleaning of the coil. You can get some foaming coil cleaner at hardware or Home Depot. I have used foaming bathroom cleaner. If that doesn't work probably low on refrigerant (Freon). There is usually no way to add refrigerant to window a/c. You can install line tap or install valve in the line. If you are low on refrigerant, it has a leak and would need repair. Most smaller window a/c's are just replaced. After a couple of years the fan motor quits and usually costs more to fix it than it's worth. If it's a "big" unit with heat it might be cost effective to fix it. I'm an a/c tech and can fix my own. I think it will be hard to find someone to work on it cheap enough.


 Air Duct Cleaning - Residential In order to ensure that the indoor air quality in your Arlington area home is acceptable, cleaning your air ducts should be part of your overall maintenance plan. Many experts also recommend that you change your home’s air filters once a month as well. It’s important to note that if your air ducts are clogged, your heating and cooling system has to work harder to get air into your home. Having clean air ducts in your Arlington area home not only improves your indoor air quality, but also ensures that your heating and cooling system do not become overworked.

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